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Brandon Robinson explains his lucky opportunities following his work in Israel

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Brandon Robinson WUJS participant takes advantage of his opportunities in Jerusalem

The first of a three part series of time-lapse videos shot for Routes Travel of Israel. 


A place with no easy answers to extremely contentious questions… Hebron is not only a controversial city but also a very controversial topic. All I can do is express my opinion on my feelings while visiting and seeing it in person. 

I understand the controversy and I see both sides of the argument. It is a tough situation with no clear answer. In the area we visited by the tomb of the Patriarchs and Jacobs burial site it was like a ghost town but with a lot of tension in the area, only a few shops were open for business. We bought 5 shekel(really cheap) falafel from a local Palestinian and met with a few Arabs who live in the area. We also met with a very kind settler and visited a synagogue. 

Overall it was a pretty depressing atmosphere. It was not always so safe and there is a reason the security is so tight but I also learned theres a lot of unnecessary hate and finger pointing from both sides that has led to the situation they are in. Ultimately I understand why things are the way they are there, but I also feel, that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to keep them that way, and hopefully work will be done to change it. 

To me… separating people who don’t understand one another only makes the separation between them stronger. Hopefully they will find a way to co-exist and co-educate to start a new generation who don’t start out with their finger already pointed in the opposite direction… I hope but as you can tell by the pictures… the city does not feel very hopeful. 

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A commercial I shot while in Jerusalem for Crash the Superbowl

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Check out what I’ve been working so hard on while in Israel… Hope you enjoy! Descriptions are on the Vimeo page :-) L’cheim!

If you are in Israel… come to our Arts Exhibition and check out my videos!!!!

If you are in Israel… come to our Arts Exhibition and check out my videos!!!!